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What are the advantages of manually removing burrs from smart security die castings?

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Jie Aosi Die Casting Factory, the editor has observed that in the production process of intelligent security zinc alloy die casting, due to various factors, the phenomenon of burr in zinc alloy die casting is inevitable, and the burr affects the surface appearance of the product , which is an adverse effect on production. The common deburring method adopted by general enterprises is to manually carry out burr treatment, using sandpaper, grinding head and other tools to deburr the surface of zinc alloy die-casting, but this method is inefficient and only suitable for products with simple structure . So, in the face of burrs, how should a manufacturer solve it?

Zinc alloy die castings will have burrs after semi-automatic or fully automatic processing, so it is necessary to remove the burrs. There are many deburring methods, with different advantages and disadvantages. Today we are going to talk about the advantages of manual deburring. . The deburring method of intelligent security zinc alloy die-casting parts is manual. Compared with other deburring methods, manual deburring methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. Jie Ausi Casting has advanced deburring equipment, and additional personnel are purely manual for reprocessing. , so that the die-casting parts can achieve the effect of leaving the factory.

1. High flexibility for manual deburring. The deburring method can be flexibly changed according to the structure through simple manual operation. Make the die-casting parts achieve the desired effect.

2. Manual deburring tools are environmentally friendly and portable, and can save costs when used. Deburring tools are mostly small tools, small in size, easy to carry, and do not produce noise during use.

3. The manual deburring tools are rich in variety and targeted. Deburring tools include inner hole deburring tools, thread deburring tools, inner and outer circle deburring tools, S cutter head deburring tools, ceramic deburring tools, triangular scrapers, etc. The tools are complete and can be selected according to the process. Different tools include different targeting

The editor of Jie Aos die casting tells you that in addition to the above three commonly used burr removal methods for zinc alloy die casting, there are also various deburring methods such as freezing, thermal explosion, engraving machine, chemical, electrolysis, high pressure water jet and ultrasonic wave. . It is very important for manufacturers to correctly deal with the burr problem of zinc alloy die-casting, and enough attention should be paid to it.

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