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Improve household appliances die-casting molds, high quality and long life matters

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Since household appliance die-casting molds are used in high-pressure and high-temperature environments for a long time, if you want to achieve good product quality and long mold life, the life of household appliance die-casting molds is an important indicator to test the quality of the molds, and it also affects the economic benefits of die-casting enterprises. Therefore, improving the life of the mold is very beneficial both in the economic benefits of die-casting mold use and in the social benefits of reducing resource waste! The service life of household appliance die-casting molds will directly affect the economic benefits of an aluminum alloy die-casting manufacturer, and it is also an important indicator to consider the quality of an aluminum alloy die-casting manufacturer's die-casting molds. Therefore, improving aluminum alloy die-casting molds is very important for an aluminum alloy die-casting factory. of. Then the die-casting mold factory must do the following eight points:

1. Die-casting mold materials must be of the highest quality;

2. Thoroughly polish and remove the EDM interference quality layer;

3. The surface of the die-casting mold is not highly polished;

4. Pay attention to stress annealing after rough machining; when using the correct heat treatment, quenching is fast enough;

5. Strengthen the maintenance of die-casting molds, regular maintenance, and do a good job in the maintenance and maintenance of aluminum alloy die-casting molds for household appliances. Not only by manufacturing, but daily maintenance and maintenance can also extend the life of the molds, improve production efficiency, and reduce manufacturing costs. The die-casting mold needs to be reasonably designed, especially the wall thickness of the mold and the size of the mold should be appropriate;

6. The temperature of the cooling water must be kept within 40 to 50 °C to cool the mold; when the die-casting mold surface reaches the highest temperature, the cooling liquid should be turned off. The influence of cooling water on the die-casting mold: the cooling of the die-casting mold can be divided into external cooling and internal cooling. Circulating cooling water is the main cooling method of the mold.

7. When the die-casting mold is shut down for a short time, the die-casting mold can be used to try to shape the die-casting part and reduce the amount of cooling water, so as to prevent the die-casting mold from being subjected to short-term thermal shock when starting up;

8. Mold manufacturing process and accuracy, mold manufacturing process and mold manufacturing accuracy are also important factors affecting the life of the mold. Therefore, in mold manufacturing, we must pay great attention to all aspects that affect the life of the mold, and study and improve it, so as to improve the life of our household appliance molds and improve our mold manufacturing level. In fact, if you want to obtain a long-life die-casting mold and die-cast high-quality die-casting parts, in summary, only the die-casting mold factory pays a little attention to the selection of mold materials, technical design, processing, heat treatment and operation. You have a die-casting mold with a long life!


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