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How Dongguan Die Casting Factory Can Open Moulds in 15 Days

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In the zinc alloy die casting industry, if you want to control the cost, it is necessary to shorten the production cycle under the premise of the stable quality of the zinc alloy die casting. In order to help customers reduce production costs, zinc alloy die-casting manufacturers open a set of molds in about 15 days. I believe many people will say that it is bragging! In fact, many customers choose the die casting process to make products, not only because of the unique advantages of zinc alloy die casting products, but also because of the high production efficiency and low cost of zinc alloy die casting. So how long does it take to open a set of high-quality aluminum alloy die-casting molds?

Owning a set of high-quality zinc alloy die-casting molds is equivalent to laying a solid foundation for the house during the die-casting production process, providing convenience for the subsequent production of die-casting parts!

To open a set of high-quality zinc alloy die-casting molds requires a combination of reasonable mold design, material selection, and careful mold making by professional mold masters, and continuous mold testing and mold modification. In this way, the mold processing cycle is generally about 20 days. . Only then can a set of reasonable and high-quality zinc alloy die-casting molds be obtained. For this reason, Jie Aos Die Casting not only has a number of experienced mold making masters, but also set up an independent mold room, equipped with various precision mold making equipment to ensure the quality of the die-casting mold and the mold making cycle.

In fact, it is not uncommon to open a mold for 15 days in Jie Ausi Die Casting Factory, because Jie Ausi Die Casting believes that the strength of the team is unlimited, and Jie Ausi Die Casting has also been engaged in the die casting industry for 11 years and has rich experience. , There are also 120 refined management and operation teams, set up independent mold rooms, have their own surface treatment department, from the design and development of die-casting products, professional design and manufacture of various alloy gears, motor gearboxes, intelligent security, communication electronics, household appliances, Office supplies, smart door locks and other zinc-aluminum alloy products. The production can be customized according to the actual requirements of customers. The company has its own mold room department, die casting department, finishing department, and various surface treatments from product mold design to product delivery. Independent production, which can greatly shorten the production cycle. If you have zinc alloy die castings that need to be customized in batches, you may contact Jie Ausi Die Casting!

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