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How to choose how to control the cost of aluminum alloy die castings?

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We all know that zinc alloy die castings and aluminum alloy die castings are widely used in life, and the two materials have similar processes, so many customers want to control the cost in the process of customizing die castings, so as to obtain greater Profit, because the proportion of zinc alloy is about 2.5 times that of aluminum alloy, but the price of the two materials is similar, there will also be purchases to find the customer service of Jie Aos die casting and ask: is zinc alloy die casting more expensive or aluminum alloy die casting is more expensive ?Faced with this situation, what is the best choice?

Although the material of zinc alloy die-casting is relatively expensive, the zinc alloy die-casting process is relatively mature in China, and the aluminum alloy die-casting is affected by the material properties, and the surface effect of many aluminum alloy die-casting products is relatively incapable of achieving the same Alloy die-casting is so beautiful, and the aluminum alloy die-casting performance is poor, and the surface is prone to pores, so it is clearly visible after surface treatment, which greatly affects the quality of the product shell.

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