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There is a basis for improving the precision of zinc alloy die-casting

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Zinc alloy die-casting processing is an efficient process for manufacturing precision parts. The precision of the product is the core assessment target of zinc alloy die-casting processing. The higher the precision of the product, the higher the value. Usually a zinc alloy die casting with beautiful appearance and high precision always attracts the attention of many people and brings many customers. Therefore, many people hope to find a reliable die casting factory to customize the appearance for them. Zinc alloy die castings, although the products produced by the zinc alloy die casting process have high precision, but sometimes customers have higher requirements. At this time, die casting manufacturers will use some methods to further improve the precision of the products. If you want to produce such a die casting, solving the mold and surface treatment is the first and foremost.


CNC machining is a method commonly used by die-casting manufacturers to improve the precision of products. Zinc alloy die-casting products can be processed by CNC. On the original basis, some redundant parts can be removed by cutting tools to further improve zinc alloy die-casting products. It should be noted that the hardness of zinc alloy die castings is high, and it is easy to wear tools, so extra care needs to be taken during processing. Zinc alloy die-casting processing is one of the most mature die-casting processes, with high processing efficiency, low technical requirements, low cost, and high product quality, which is very suitable for customizing new products. It is difficult to directly produce high-precision die-casting parts, because although zinc alloy has good die-casting performance and cutting performance, it is a good material for die-casting, but the molten zinc alloy liquid has a high iron content, which is easy to be When filling, it adheres to the inner wall of the cavity of the die-casting mold, and the molten zinc alloy will have a large volume shrinkage when it is cooled and formed, so that the die-cast zinc alloy die-casting does not meet the dimensional accuracy requirements.
Dongguan Jie Aosi Die Casting has been engaged in zinc alloy die casting processing for 12 years, specializing in the customization of various medium and high-grade die castings.

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