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How do aluminum alloy gear die casting manufacturers spend this extraordinary year?

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2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. With the epidemic sweeping the world, the performance of many companies has been seriously affected. Shenzhen Gear, Guangzhou Gear, Dongguan Gear Die Casting Factory, etc. are no exception, and Dongguan is a relatively high-level processing center. , there are thousands of Dongguan die-casting factories, large and small, and there are very few manufacturers of gear die-casting parts. There are also many companies whose performance has grown rapidly in this ordinary year. The outbreak of the new crown epidemic has been six Months have passed, and although everyone has put in place timely prevention and control, the epidemic is still not over. Our Dongguan Jie Aosi aluminum alloy gear die-casting manufacturer is well aware of the horror of the new crown virus, so we have never relaxed epidemic protection.
Although the country has taken timely and effective control measures to treat people infected with the new crown pneumonia and adopted a blockade method to prevent the spread of the epidemic, the new crown epidemic has not yet ended. Jie Ausi aluminum alloy gear die casting manufacturer requires that our employees cannot relax every personal protection. Manufacturers always require workers to wear disposable masks and gloves, minimize conversations at work, and keep a safe distance when dining. The guards of Jie Aos Gear Die Casting Factory measure body temperature regularly every day and record it truthfully. Once suspected cases are found, they will immediately Report to relevant departments. Not only pay attention to the spread of the epidemic, but also focus on the process of producing aluminum alloy die castings carefully. After all, the epidemic is not our only "enemy".
At Jie Aosi, the issue of safe production has always been a business philosophy we have repeatedly emphasized. An accident may make the efforts of the Dongguan die-casting factory for several years in vain. Not long ago, a fire broke out in a plastic products factory in Dongguan, and the scene was full of black smoke. The fire is rolling and the fire is full. As a plastic factory, after such a fire, there must be nothing left. All kinds of equipment, materials, products, operation facilities, etc. will be buried in the fire, and there will be compensation from the factory. Fortunately, the accident happened. It was on a Sunday, and no one was working in the factory, so no casualties, which is the most fortunate.
Fire is ruthless, but it can still be prevented. Our die-casting factory should take a warning. In the future, we must strengthen the awareness of fire prevention and disaster prevention. We will pay attention to the areas that are prone to fire in the factory. For the lack of fire-fighting equipment in the factory, It is necessary to make up for it as soon as possible, prevent the small and the gradual, self-check and self-correction, so as to effectively prevent fires and effectively avoid unnecessary property losses. 2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year, with accidents one after another, and we must pay attention to everything in the future to prevent unnecessary things from happening again.

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