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Quickly solve the problem of zinc alloy communication electronic die casting

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Dongguan Jieaosi zinc alloy die-casting parts are now widely used in various accessories, such as smart door locks, alloy gears, zinc alloy die-casting, aluminum alloy die-casting, motor gearboxes, household appliances, communication electronics, smart security, power tools, office supplies Various metals, more and more various die castings, so the Dongguan die casting factory has higher requirements on the surface quality of the die castings during processing, and has always required excellent surface treatment functions. The production of zinc alloy die castings is often accompanied by some problems of one kind or another, such as pores, trachoma, under-casting and other problems. These problems will affect the quality of zinc alloy die castings, reduce the value of die castings, and cause losses to die casting plants. In order to increase profits, die casting plants need to find ways to solve these problems, so how can we solve these problems efficiently?
There are various problems that may occur in zinc alloy die castings, and the reasons for these problems are not single. If only "headaches are used to treat the head and foot pains are used to treat the feet", then the problems will recur, and the efficiency will be very high. Low, for example, a part of zinc alloy die casting is missing and not formed. This is a relatively common problem. The reasons are poor exhaust, too small injection force, low temperature of molten metal, low temperature of die casting mold, insufficient molten metal, etc. , any of the above will cause the failure of zinc alloy die castings.

So how does Dongguan Jie Aosi Zinc Alloy Die Casting Factory solve such defects? To solve the problem must be rooted. We all know that zinc alloy die casting is a high pressure die casting method, and the entire forming process of die castings must be kept under high pressure. Next, this is to extrude the gas in the die-casting mold and the molten metal to form a dense die-casting part. If the pressure is not enough or not timely enough, the die-casting part will have problems of poor filling and high porosity. The die-casting plant solves the problem from the source, using advanced die-casting machines and strictly controlling parameters such as boosting speed, boosting time, and boosting pressure. This is where we start to understand the root cause of the problem and then prescribe the right remedy

1. Understand product defects first, 2. Confirm defect types, 3. Analyze defect causes, 4. Improve plans, and 5. Implement effective plans.

To draw a conclusion, before improving the problem, it is first necessary to confirm the type of defect, whether it is structural or filling type. Different types correspond to different improvement plans. The improvement sequence should first put the filling type defect in the first place for improvement. .


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