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Reasons that can affect the quality of aluminum alloy intelligent door lock die castings

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Dongguan Jie Aosi manufacturers found that in the production process of aluminum alloy intelligent door lock die-casting, if there are defects due to the influence of these factors, these defects will bring quality problems to the aluminum alloy intelligent door lock die-casting, making the die-casting part change. For defective products, the problems arising from the processing of aluminum alloy die castings are affected by many factors. Let's see which factors our Dongguan Jie Aosi Die Casting Factory starts from, which is an important issue that affects efficiency. There are many reasons, whether it is to adjust the machine first, or to change the material first, or to modify the mold first? Here, it is recommended to deal with the degree of difficulty, first simplicity and then complexity. quality?

The factors affecting quality are divided into six categories, they are production efficiency and production conditions.

1. Modify the mold, modify the gating system, increase the inner gate, add the overflow groove, the exhaust groove, etc.

2. Recharge, choose high-quality aluminum alloy ingots, change the ratio of new material and returned material, and improve the smelting process.

3. Production conditions, skilled technicians, strong production team, perfect production equipment, strict quality control, these are all good production conditions, as long as the production conditions are qualified, the quality of die castings is guaranteed .

Fourth, adjust the process parameters, injection force, injection speed, filling time, mold opening time, pouring temperature, mold temperature, etc.

5. Clean the parting surface, clean the cavity, clean the ejector rod; improve the coating, improve the spraying process; increase the clamping force and increase the amount of pouring metal. These measures, which can be implemented by simple operations, can often bring good results.

6. Production efficiency, production management affects production efficiency, production efficiency affects the quality of die-casting parts, qualified regulations are the guarantee of die-casting production, poor on-site management, irregular operation of operators, and lazy production organization will affect the efficiency of production. , and then lead to various problems in the production process of die castings. In order to improve production efficiency, we must start to solve related problems.


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