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Cost Comparison of Zinc Alloy Die Casting and Aluminum Alloy Die Casting

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Dongguan Jie Aosi customization is an inevitable choice for medium and high-end zinc alloy die castings. Customization represents individualization, quality and competitiveness. This is the trend in the process of social development. Due to the excellent performance of aluminum alloy die-casting, it makes Aluminum alloy die-casting parts can be applied to many fields, so a large number of aluminum alloy die-casting manufacturers have been generated. However, today, when the demographic dividend is no longer and production costs are increasing, many aluminum alloy die-casting manufacturers have begun to decline. At this time, What methods can improve the benefits of aluminum alloy die casting? It is also a highlight of attracting consumers. If you want to create your own brand, you must customize it. So what is the cost of customizing an aluminum alloy die-casting part?
Regarding the question of which is cheaper, zinc alloy die-casting or aluminum alloy die-casting, it is often asked by customers. Then the aluminum alloy die-casting factory, Jie Aosi, will tell you which process is relatively cheaper?

1. Comparing material prices

The price of zinc alloy and aluminum alloy die-casting is close, the proportion of zinc alloy is about 2.5 times that of aluminum alloy, and the price is equivalent, so the material cost of zinc alloy is two or three times more expensive than that of aluminum alloy.

2. Material performance comparison

Because the strength, hardness and formability of zinc alloy are much better than aluminum alloy. If the surface of your product is to be polished and electroplated, and high appearance quality is required, then zinc alloy has to be used. It is difficult for aluminum alloy materials to meet high surface quality requirements, because aluminum alloy die-casting performance is poor, and there are many pores on the surface of the product, and the surface quality is very poor after electroplating.


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