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All things that must be paid attention to in the production of aluminum alloy die casting process

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Aluminum alloy die castings can be seen everywhere in our lives, don't underestimate small die castings, our life has long been inseparable from them. They are also relatively popular in the market. The products made by Dongguan die casting factory are generally more profitable, and have higher requirements for appearance quality and dimensional accuracy. To make such products, Dongguan die casting factory must not only focus on technology Do a good job in the above, and do a good job in many small aspects. Next, let's talk about the problems that must be paid attention to in the production of aluminum alloy die casting?

The first thing to pay attention to is the material. The most used die-casting materials are zinc alloys and aluminum alloys. Anyone who has studied chemistry knows that zinc and aluminum are amphoteric chemicals with poor chemical stability, whether they are in an acidic environment or alkaline. The environment will be corroded, even in the air, it may be corroded or oxidized, so whether it is purchasing or storage, Shenzhen Die Casting Factory needs to pay attention to the protection of materials to avoid poor die casting due to poor raw materials.

1. In the die casting process, the alloy composition and proportion should be mastered well. This point should be paid attention to from the purchase of alloy ingots. The alloy ingots must be made of ultra-high-purity aluminum as the main component, plus ultra-high-purity magnesium and copper. This has certain requirements for alloy ingot suppliers, and high-quality aluminum alloy materials are often a guarantee for the production of high-quality castings.

2. Consider the problem of demolding during die casting of aluminum alloys.

3. Considering the problem of aluminum alloy die-casting wall thickness, if the thickness gap is too large, it will affect the filling

4. The temperature must be strictly controlled and must not exceed 430 ℃, so as to avoid the loss of aluminum and magnesium.

5. In terms of structure, try to avoid the appearance of structures that lead to complex mold structures, and have to use multiple core-pulling or spiral core-pulling

6. In the process of aluminum alloy die-casting, pay attention to the ratio of new material and water. Generally speaking, the ratio of new material to old material is 7:3.

7. Considering the structure of aluminum alloy die castings, some die castings may have special requirements for the appearance, such as oil injection, oxidation, silk screen and other processes

8. Considering the problem of aluminum alloy die-casting molds during the design, if there are multiple core-pulling positions, try to put them on both sides, and it is best not to place them in the lower core-pulling position. In this way, there will be problems in the core-pulling of aluminum alloy die-casting for a long time.

9. In order to prevent the alloy ingots from being affected by humid air, the purchased alloy ingots must be placed in a clean and dry stacking area, so that the alloy ingots will not be polluted or produce white rust and reduce the loss of raw materials. In this way, the quality of aluminum alloy die-casting can be guaranteed. A clean plant environment is useful for effective control of alloy composition.


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