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This problem can also affect die casting molds for zinc alloy power tools

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In the process of using aluminum alloy communication electronic die-casting molds, we must pay attention. Because of these points, it can effectively avoid the occurrence of some abnormal problems of die-casting molds, thereby improving production efficiency and product quality. If you don't pay attention, then another problem will appear, which will affect the accuracy of the mold. Generally, it can affect the three important points of the aluminum alloy communication electronic die-casting mold:

The function and structure of the mold:
The complex mold structure requires higher technical requirements, the manufacturing of the mold will cost more, and the required precision will be higher.

Die casting details:
The structure of die-casting parts is complex and there are many details, so the more investment is required in production, the design of the mold is relatively complex, the difficulty will increase, and the higher the precision, the life of the mold will be affected.

Mold material quality
High-quality mold materials lay the foundation for mold production, in order to give full play to the performance of molds, and do not covet low-cost die-casting mold materials, which not only affects the quality of die-casting production, but also affects the quality of die-casting parts.

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