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Knowledge sharing on the production quality of zinc alloy intelligent door lock die-casting parts

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The quality improvement of zinc alloy die castings is related to many aspects. If a zinc alloy die casting factory wants to produce high quality die castings, it must have perfect production conditions. Perfect production conditions are the premise of efficient production. Through the understanding of these aspects, In die casting production, product quality is the concern of customers, so in the production of zinc alloy die castings, we can know the relevant matters of the production quality of zinc alloy die castings. What production conditions does a zinc alloy die casting factory need to have to ensure production quality? , What factors will affect the production quality of aluminum alloy die castings?

The quality of zinc alloy smart door lock die castings includes three aspects: appearance quality, internal quality and use quality. The appearance quality includes the surface roughness, dimensional tolerance and quality deviation of the die-casting part, the internal quality includes the chemical composition, chemical properties and internal defects of the intelligent door lock die-casting part, and the use quality includes the wear resistance, Corrosion resistance and weldability. In the process of die-casting production, strictly implement the equipment maintenance system, use molds, tools and equipment correctly to ensure the efficiency of production, Jie Aosi has established a reasonable quality management system, clarified the goals of quality management, and must also do a good job of raw materials and Technical inspection of die castings. The inspection method for die-casting parts includes internal inspection of the parts, that is, the inside of the die-casting part of the smart door lock is cut open to see if there are defects. Three aspects of the quality of zinc alloy smart door lock die castings

1. Design, material selection, processing and manufacturing of zinc alloy die-casting molds

2. External surface treatment technology and materials of zinc alloy die castings

3. Quality control of zinc alloy die-casting products

First understand the production of more high-quality zinc alloy die casting products. In the production quality of zinc alloy die castings, Dongguan Jie Aosi Intelligent Door Lock Die Casting has 13 years of die casting experience, which is a one-stop service from mold design to surface treatment. Manufacturers have strict control over the production quality inspection of zinc alloy die castings. Dongguan Jie Aosi Die Casting has set up an independent mold room and has its own external surface treatment processing plant. From product mold design to product shipment, it is independently produced. It selects high-quality mold steel and operates in strict accordance with the correct product surface treatment process requirements, so as to improve the The yield rate of zinc alloy smart door lock die castings!

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