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This can also deal with the problem of excessive impurities in aluminum alloy gear die castings?

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Aluminum alloy gear die-casting is one of the commonly used processes in the die-casting industry. In the process of aluminum alloy gear die-casting, in order to ensure the quality of the die-casting parts, clean metal liquid must be used for die-casting, but the aluminum alloy melt contains many molten metals. Slag and impurities, aluminum alloy gear die castings will cause excessive impurities due to various reasons, resulting in inferior die castings. In turn, the quality assurance of die castings is affected, and the production efficiency is greatly reduced. For this reason, measures need to be taken to prevent it. How do the impurities appear in the processing of gear die castings? How big is the impact of impurities? In the process of aluminum alloy die-casting, aluminum alloy gear die-casting manufacturers often need a process of removing impurities. So how to improve it? Dongguan Jie Aosi Die Casting This will take you to understand the source, harm and measures of impurities!

The reasons for the formation of excessive impurities in aluminum alloy die castings are as follows:

1. The entry of dust

2. The molten aluminum does not meet the standard, and it is mixed with impurities.

3. Recycled materials, nozzle materials, flash materials, etc. enter the molten aluminum with impurities.

4. The aluminum material produces metal compounds during the melting process, which changes its properties.

5. Oxides produced by contact with air during the process of aluminum smelting, transportation and pouring.

6. The influence of auxiliary production materials such as release agent. If prevention is not carried out, then the die castings will have cracks, enhanced corrosion, increased scrap rate, discontinuous alloy structure, etc. At this time, it is necessary to control the quality of aluminum materials, regularly clean molds and other tools, and choose high-quality strippers. Molding agents, keeping the work environment clean and tidy, etc.

Another method is to remove impurities during the die-casting process of aluminum alloy gears. First, ensure the cleanliness of the raw materials. If the aluminum alloy ingot is contaminated, a lot of slag and impurities will be produced; secondly, the proportion of the nozzle material should not be too large, otherwise Many impurities will also be generated; then there is the choice of slag remover. The slag remover can gather slag and impurities in the molten metal, maintain the temperature of the molten metal, and reduce the content of phosphorus, sulfur and other elements in the molten metal. It is very beneficial to clean the liquid and improve the quality of aluminum alloy gear die-casting products. However, different slag removers have different focuses. Die-casting manufacturers need to choose a suitable slag remover according to the needs of aluminum alloy die-casting.

It is this simple to solve the problem of impurities in aluminum alloy gear die castings. Jie Aosi Precision Die Casting has been engaged in the customization of die casting parts for 11 years. It is a die casting manufacturer specializing in precision die casting zinc alloy, aluminum alloy die casting and machined products. Its strength should not be underestimated. A complete set of die-casting processing and customization processes can be completed independently. If necessary, you can contact Jie Aosi Die-casting Factory, or click on the online consultation to immediately solve your doubts and confusion.

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