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The aluminum alloy die-casting factory makes an analysis of the reasons for the foreign matter of the die-casting particles

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Dongguan Jie Aosi Die Casting Factory, the editor will explain to you today: the aluminum alloy die casting processing factory makes an analysis of the reasons for the foreign matter of the die casting particles. The die casting is especially suitable for the manufacture of small and medium-sized die casting products. Therefore, zinc alloy die casting is a variety of casting processes. one of the more widely used. Compared with other casting techniques, die casting has a flatter surface and higher dimensional consistency. However, sometimes due to improper operation and other reasons, people will find that the produced die castings have more impurities, which seriously affects the quality of the castings and subsequent sales. Take measures to prevent and improve the quality of die castings.

The existence of foreign particles will affect the quality of die-casting parts, which is a major hidden danger in die-casting production. The foreign particles will cause the phenomenon of mucous membranes, and in severe cases, the die-casting molds will be scrapped, and the burrs of aluminum alloy die-castings will increase, affecting the formation of particles. There are three reasons for this: molds, raw materials, and die-casting processes. There are four kinds of granular burrs on the surface of die castings, which are air dust adsorption, impurities in aluminum rods, defects in aluminum rods, and dust in aging furnaces. The reasons for the formation are:

1. The influence of the quality of aluminum rods. Due to high temperature casting, the casting speed is fast and the cooling strength is large.

Second, the influence of the mold. In extrusion production, the mold works under high temperature and high pressure. Under the influence of pressure and temperature, the mold is elastically deformed.

3. The influence of extrusion process. In extrusion, it is found that the selection of extrusion process parameters is also an important factor affecting granular burrs.

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