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On the importance of packaging aluminum alloy die castings

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Many aluminum alloy die-casting factories believe that after a series of die-casting processing, the aluminum alloy die-casting parts are perfect after packaging and shipping. For aluminum alloy die-casting parts, having a beautiful appearance can often add a lot of value, so the die-casting factory is in A lot of thought will be spent on the appearance quality of aluminum alloy die castings, such as the high requirements for deburring and surface finish, as well as the surface treatment process, which not only improves the performance, but also improves the appearance quality. When transporting aluminum alloy die-castings, we also need to take into account factors such as the packaging material's ability to adapt to transportation conditions, the length of the road and the way of transportation. There are obvious temperature differences in the climatic environment of different regions, which also makes manufacturers need to be careful when choosing packaging materials.

During the transportation of aluminum alloy die-castings, it is easy to have some bumps and scratches, which will lead to the deterioration of the appearance quality of aluminum alloy die-castings and cause customers to refuse to sign for them. Well, similar to Jie Aos die-casting, after the appearance of the die-casting parts is fully inspected, each aluminum alloy die-casting part will be packaged separately with an air bag, and then neatly placed in a carton. Based on the principle of stability and reliability, you can choose Vertical, flat, staggered, etc., to avoid mutual abrasion, extrusion and other phenomena.

The packaging of die castings pays attention to two points:
1. Equality: The quality of the product itself should conform to the packaging, so the choice of packaging materials should also be classified as high-grade, poorly packaged aluminum alloy die-casting products that are easily damaged, so in order to ensure the safety of the product, it is necessary for the aluminum alloy die-casting plant to use better performance. Good packaging materials are in the selection.

2. Adaptability: In the transportation of products, we also need to consider the influence of packaging materials to adapt to transportation conditions, long-term roads and transportation methods. There are significant temperature differences in climates and environments in different regions, making manufacturers need to be cautious when choosing packaging materials. In addition, Dongguan Jie Aosi Die Casting Factory's products: smart door locks, alloy gears, zinc alloy die casting, aluminum alloy die casting, motor gearboxes, household appliances, communication electronics, smart security, power tools, office supplies, etc. The requirements for packaging materials are also different, so our Dongguan Jie Aosi aluminum alloy die-casting factory needs to choose packaging materials that meet customer requirements, and then choose which transportation method.

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