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How much do you know about the production process of zinc alloy die castings?

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As our demand for zinc alloy die castings is increasing every year, however, as a manufacturing base in Dongguan, there are many large and small zinc alloy die casting factories, so Jie Aosi Dongguan Zinc Alloy Die Casting Factory faces the increasingly fierce market conditions. , In the process of customizing die-casting parts, I believe that many customers have encountered some small-scale die-casting factories, the production process is not perfect, there is no mold room and engineering quality control personnel, simple production process workshops and machinery and equipment, polishing and surface treatment Relying on foreign aid, outsourcing layer by layer, the quality is not guaranteed, and the delivery time is not timely! The management is chaotic, there are more than one person, the turnover rate of production technicians and management is high, the quality standards are not clear, the process is not clear, from mold making to production, cutting corners, resulting in an endless stream of production abnormalities, halfway negotiating conditions or increasing prices, and even forcing customers to downgrade and accept. The mold design and production are random, the die-casting defects are many, the water lines are large, the raw material selection and use are not rigorous, the production process is chaotic, the leakage process is less, the polishing quality is unstable, and the products are not graded, resulting in serious over-tolerance and high scrap rate. In addition to the inability to maintain quality and quantity, aluminum alloy die castings are also increasing in cost. How to stand out in many industries?

There are no rules and no squares. In a production enterprise, each product has its corresponding production process, and the production of die-casting molds is no exception. The production process of die-casting molds is as follows: reviewing drawings - preparing materials - processing - mold base processing - Die core processing - electrode processing - mold parts processing - inspection - assembly - flying mold - test mode - production, and Dongguan Zinc Alloy Die Casting Factory Jie Aosi Die Casting controls all die casting processes in the enterprise itself In hand, from product mold design, product mold making, product die-casting, surface treatment, all processes are independently produced, not only the delivery quality is guaranteed, but the cost is more controllable!

The process in which the metal heated to the molten state is rapidly cooled under high temperature and high pressure, crystallized and solidified to form a casting. The main features of high-pressure casting are high temperature and high speed, and the pressure is relatively large, about tens of MPa. The filling speed (inner gate speed) is about 16~18 m/s, and the time that the molten metal stays in the mold cavity is very short, only 0.01~0.2 seconds. Precision die castings produced by die casting have many excellent characteristics, including high production efficiency, high mechanical strength, simple production process, and saving raw materials, so they occupy an important proportion in the foundry industry.

In the die-casting cycle production process of precision die-casting parts, there are six production processes, including mold clamping, molten metal pouring into the pressure chamber, injection, mold opening, casting mold release and water spraying, and the precision die-casting parts are cyclically produced. Die-casting machine, die-casting mold and die-casting alloy, as three main points, have a close influence on the precision die-casting process. Die casting is also a dynamic process, and its influencing factors include pressure, speed, temperature, time, etc. The changes of these factors have a direct impact on the formation and morphological quality of die castings. Only when the pressure, speed, time, and temperature are adjusted to the appropriate values and states, so that they complement each other, can the expected production results be obtained.

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