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What are the technological processes for custom zinc alloy household appliance die castings

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Customized zinc alloy household appliance die-casting is one of the common die-casting processes. Because zinc alloy has excellent properties such as large specific gravity, wear resistance, good die-casting performance, and good surface treatment effect, the products produced by the zinc-alloy die-casting process often have Precise and complex structure and dazzling appearance make zinc alloy die-casting products popular, and also make many people want to know the die-casting process of zinc-alloy household appliances. , this series of crafts will take a lot of time, in fact, it is not as difficult as your phenomenon. Let's talk about it below.

So what are the technological processes of custom zinc alloy household appliance die castings? The general process is to design molds, make molds, die-cast and make goods, go to the front and tap, polishing, surface treatment, full inspection, packaging, and shipment. These processes are the basic processes. Of course, each product is different, and some will have one or two more processes, such as CNC post-processing, or laser engraving and silk screen printing, etc. Each product has different processes and different prices. Since Dongguan Jie Aosi Die Casting is a large-scale one-stop zinc alloy die-casting factory, it can control the time and quality well when customizing zinc alloy household appliance die-casting parts, provide one-stop production services, and have sufficient personnel and machinery. , The connection between the process and the process is very good, which can save the intermediate cost and time for the customer, speed up the delivery time, and improve the production quality.

And Dongguan Zinc Alloy Household Appliances Die Casting Factory controls all the die casting process in the hands of the enterprise itself, from product mold design, product mold making, product die-casting, surface treatment, all processes are produced independently, not only the delivery quality is guaranteed, but the cost is lower. Controllable!

These are the general process of die-casting of zinc alloy household appliances. The complexity of die-casting process is self-evident, so if you want to make high-quality die-casting parts, it is more reliable to find a better die-casting factory. Dongguan Jieao Think die casting is a good choice.

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