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Looking for custom zinc alloy die casting mold manufacturers

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Since the die-casting mold is used in a high-pressure and high-temperature environment for a long time, in order to achieve good product quality and high mold life, in the die-casting process, the quality of the zinc alloy die-casting mold is very important, because the die-casting is integrally formed. Therefore, the quality of zinc alloy die-casting molds will have a very large impact on the production of zinc alloy die-casting, so Dongguan Jie Aosi Die-casting Mold Factory will generally do the following five points:

(1) Pay attention to stress annealing after rough machining.

(2) To thoroughly remove the EDM interference quality layer.

(3) Die-casting mold materials must be of the highest quality.

(4) Quenching is fast enough when using the correct heat treatment.

(5) The die-casting mold needs to be reasonably designed, especially the wall thickness of the mold and the size of the mold should be appropriate.

Because the mold room can independently complete all aspects of zinc alloy die-casting mold production without outsourcing, the mold quality, construction period and accuracy can be well controlled, followed by the maintenance and maintenance of the die-casting mold during use, We all know that there are certain usage orders for die-casting molds. If the order is large, professional mold masters and various processing equipment in the mold room are required to provide effective maintenance and maintenance, so as to prolong the use of zinc alloy die-casting molds. life. If there is no mold room, many processes will be outsourced. First of all, there is no way to guarantee the quality of the mold. There is also the restriction of the construction period. When it is given to the mold factory, the mold factory needs to arrange the order. Secondly, the maintenance and maintenance of the die-casting mold will be more troublesome, and This will also affect the production efficiency of the product and the production quality of the product!

In fact, if you want to obtain a die-casting mold with a long life and die-cast high-quality die-casting parts, Jie Aosi concluded that only the die-casting mold factory pays a little attention to the selection of mold materials, technical design, processing, heat treatment and operation. High-quality, long-life die-casting molds are available!

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