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Share how Jie Aos die casting factory inspects the quality of zinc alloy molds!

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I would like to share with you that the quality of the zinc alloy die-casting mold is very important during the die-casting process of Jie Aosi. Because the die-casting is integrally formed, the quality of the zinc-alloy die-casting will have a great impact on the production of the zinc-alloy die-casting. After the aluminum parts are produced by die casting, how to check whether the quality of the products is qualified?

1. First, check whether the overall appearance design of the zinc alloy mold is reasonable. The surface of the mold base should not have pits, rust, redundant rings, water vapor in and out, oil holes, etc., as well as defects that affect the appearance.

2. Die-cast aluminum parts must be a complete individual. There should be no defects, cracks, bubbles and other defects, and there should be no mold phenomenon.

3. The gate and flashing parts of the casting should be wiped off frequently and kept clean at all times.

4. Defects that cannot appear on the machined surface are mixed with impurities and the pores are sparse.

5. Check whether the hardness of the zinc alloy mold material can meet the standard

6. Check whether the cooling or heating system of the zinc alloy mold is smooth

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