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Take you to know the characteristics and advantages of aluminum alloy die casting

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Recently, everyone knows that aluminum alloy die-casting is widely used. Today, let's take a look at the characteristics of aluminum alloy die-casting and the advantages of this process. Of course, we must also consider the quality of die-casting parts in Dongguan Zinc Alloy Die-casting Factory. , which is also a question for suppliers to think about when looking for aluminum alloy die-casting plants

1. First of all, a Dongguan aluminum alloy die-casting factory must have its own complete advanced processing equipment, die-casting machines of different models and specifications, etc. As a manufacturer, even the basic processing equipment cannot be perfected, and sometimes it has to be sent out. Processing, and outsourcing is a problem that is difficult to manage and control. It often occurs that problems such as blistering of die castings, water marks on the surface, deformation, etc. cannot be effectively dealt with

2. The ability of various departments to work together is also very important. To test the teamwork ability of a manufacturer, when producing die-casting parts, it is inevitable that various problems will occur. Some molds can be solved, and some cannot be solved, and they must be processed through post-processing. It is a test of cooperation ability. Therefore, as a manufacturer, we must grow and develop.

3. A set of perfect quality management system. If die castings want to have good quality and reduce the defective rate, they must pass the quality inspection. To prevent the occurrence of some common problems, a series of problems must be avoided through excellent design solutions. Jie Aosi Dongguan Zinc Alloy Die Casting Factory has not only been adhering to this concept, but also successfully passed the ISO: 9001 international quality management system certification in 2011.

Aluminum alloy die-casting can be divided into four types: aluminum-silicon (AL-Si), aluminum-copper (Al-Cu), aluminum-magnesium (Al-Mg) and aluminum-zinc (Al-Zn) according to the main alloying elements added. Commonly used grades are ADC12 (A383), ADC10 (A380). Aluminum alloy die-casting products are often used for die-casting various thin-walled and complex die-casting products due to their good quality, high precision, good surface finish, high strength, and stable dimensions. Not only that, the production efficiency of aluminum alloy die-casting is very high, the small thermal aluminum die-casting machine can reach 3000-7000 beer times on average in eight hours, and the metal utilization rate of aluminum alloy material is very high, and the price is affordable, which greatly reduces energy consumption, thereby saving cost!

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