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Quickly let you know the big difference between die-casting aluminum and aluminum profiles

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Among the customers contacted, many customers do not know whether their products belong to die casting or profiles when they are looking for aluminum alloy die casting manufacturers. The process is mixed up, thinking that there is no difference between aluminum alloy die-casting and aluminum alloy profile processing, in fact, the difference between them can be big! So today, let's briefly introduce the difference between die-casting aluminum and aluminum profile stamping!

1. Differences in craftsmanship

Die-cast aluminum is manufactured by die-casting molds, while aluminum profile stamping is extruded by extrusion molds, also known as aluminum extrusion process.

2. The difference in material

Aluminum die-casting and aluminum profile stamping use different grades of materials. Generally, the commonly used materials for die-casting aluminum are alloy materials, which are usually called "aluminum alloy die-casting". Its melting point is relatively high, and it is easy to stick to the film. Die-casting The product requires surface treatment. The aluminum profile stamping, generally used 6061, has good fluidity and plasticity, and is usually used for anodizing, which is a higher-end surface. Aluminum die-casting products and aluminum alloy die-casting products are also different in terms of product performance, application range and production specifications. The main raw material for aluminum die-casting is aluminum. After heating the aluminum material to a liquid state, it is injected into the mold of the die-casting machine, and then shaped by die-casting. This is the basic process of aluminum die-casting.

However, the commonly used aluminum die-casting is the aluminum alloy grade ADC12\A380. Aluminum has good fluidity and plasticity. Aluminum alloy die-casting is generally used in household appliances, coffee machines, mixers, kitchen appliances and other industries, and its performance is more perfect. Some, and tough, are an important part of mechanical parts. Moreover, the parts made of aluminum are beautiful in appearance, and the price of aluminum is not expensive, so the production cost is greatly reduced, and it is widely used in various fields, creating more wealth for the enterprise.

After understanding the difference between aluminum alloy die-casting and aluminum profiles, is it clearer the direction of choice and will not be so easy to confuse? Jie Aosi Die Casting is a professional aluminum alloy die casting manufacturer for 12 years. You are welcome to customize your drawings at any time!

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