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Contact:Miss Xie

Cell phone:18822967880


Cell phone:Mr Ray




Add:No. 58, Baiye Road, Liaobu Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

Inspector Salary negotiable 1 person

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Job Categories:Laboratory / Inspector

Job description:

Knowledge of two-dimensional, 2.5-dimensional, and three-dimensional testing, understanding of the measurement of die-casting hardware such as zinc die-casting and aluminum die-casting, and knowledge of related instrument maintenance is preferred.

Work place;

No. 58 Baiye Road, Liaobu Town, Liaobu Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province (opposite to Jinlong Electromechanical)  
Bus route: Take bus to Dongguan East Bus Station, take A8 in the station and get off at Baiye Lighting City Station, or take bus to Nancheng Station, take bus No. 43 and get off at Baiye Lighting City Station, or get off at Baiye Lighting City Station. Feng Shouwei

Company benefits:

1. Holiday benefits: During the Spring Festival holiday, those who return to the factory on time will be entitled to paid leave during the Spring Festival (except those who are late). During the Spring Festival holiday, those who return to the factory on time will be paid 500 yuan per person to travel home.

2. During the Spring Festival, new employees who have worked in the factory for 5 months will be rewarded with an additional 500 yuan; those who are introduced by our factory will be rewarded with 500 yuan in addition to the 500 yuan reward.

3. For new employees who have been employed for three months, the subsidy is 100 yuan/month, the subsidy for half a year is 200 yuan/month, and the subsidy for 1 year is 300 yuan/month. This subsidy is capped at 300 yuan;

The company has a night shift subsidy of 15 yuan/day, a high temperature award of 150 yuan/month from June to October for special positions, and an overproduction award;

4. Employee birthday benefits: On the employee's birthday, the company orders a birthday cake or gift for the employee as a blessing.

5. Rewards for outstanding employees: The employees who are rated as the monthly excellent employees of the department will be rewarded with corresponding bonuses in the current month; those who are rated as excellent employees of the company will be rewarded 150 yuan per month in the current year, plus they will participate in the company's annual excellent employee activities such as tourism, training, dry storage etc.

6. Education subsidy: 200 yuan per month for junior college degree, 300 yuan per month for undergraduate degree (quality inspector).

7. Annual tourism: According to the economic benefits of the company, the company organizes a group tour every year in principle.

8. Year-end recreational activities: According to the company's situation, the company organizes a year-end recreational activity at the end of each year. The activities include: year-end dinner, year-end lottery, year-end entertainment activities, etc.

9. Since the company relocated to Baiye Road in October 2019, the restaurant and accommodation have not yet been built, so everyone will be provided with meal allowances and accommodation allowances (600 yuan/month for food, 200 yuan/month for housing, and compensation to the company) until the restaurant and accommodation are built).

10. The office staff work 6 days a week, and special positions in the workshop (such as die-casting workshop) enjoy high temperature allowances and benefits according to the company's regulations; the company rewards outstanding employees and adjusts salaries for employees from time to time.

11. The company is equipped with vending machines, and also rents dormitories for employees. There is no subsidy of 200 yuan for employees living in the factory.

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