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Committed to precision foothold in the market
Ten years focus on zinc, aluminum alloy die-casting production

Application field  We provide zinc alloy and aluminium alloy precision die-casting products for the following fields

Product Classification  From mold development to die casting, CNC, electroplating, and spraying surface treatment are all completed by our company in an integrated manner

About Jeos

          Founded in 2011, the company is a comprehensive enterprise that integrates precision zinc alloy and aluminium alloy die casting and machining. It is located in Liaobu Town, Dongguan City - the "World Manufacturing Center".
         The company has more than twenty 88T-800T die casting machines, imported CNC machining centers, automatic production equipment and multiple post-processing supporting equipment, etc. From mold development to electroplating, and spraying surface treatment, these are all completed by our company in a coordinated process.

         The company always adheres to the operation philosophy of "taking integrity as the principle, innovation as the development, and taking win-win as the goal"!

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